2 comments on “Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

  1. Thanks for stopping by my page and liking my article. I just got done reading yours. My goodness, if I didn’t feel like melting into the ground with disappointment already… I honestly don’t know what to think and when I wrote my piece, I was too unsettled to think about how to consciously and reasonably convey what I felt. I know we are not the only ones who feel like this is a big mistake and I am surely afraid of what is going to happen next. I don’t see anything good coming from that man as president and more so than with W., I feel honestly pessimistic about what is to come for us as a nation and as a world. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well.


    • Thanks for your thoughts.

      A Trump presidency is an unsettling thought. In the days before the election his aides decided he was too irresponsible to use Twitter, so they forbid him from using it. Soon this man-baby will have the nuclear codes. If that doesn’t make Trump-supports nervous, they are more idiotic than I thought.

      Trump gets butt-hurt over people saying his hands are too small – yet people believed he was tougher than Hillary.

      I just…don’t understand. This feels like an alternate reality or a collective nightmare or a really craptastic joke.


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